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The Benefits of Drinking Tea

The history of tea spreads across many cultures over the span of thousands of years. Beginning as a medical remedy, tea has many uses and millions of drinkers per year. Tea has been a staple in my life since my mom got me to drink it in middle school. My favorite thing about it is how calming a hot cup of tea can be–the aroma, the warmth. What many people don’t know about this herbal sensation though, is how beneficial it can be to your health; mental and physical. Here’s how a daily cup, or a few, can be good for you, along with a few healthy teas that you should most definitely try.

The antioxidants!

Everyone’s heard of these “mysterious” antioxidants, but what do they actually do? Are antioxidants present in Organic Loose Leaf Tea in NZ, or that tea you drink? Antioxidants work to prevent toxic build-up in your body. Therefore they help to keep our skin and body young, and protect us from damage from air and water pollution, which may make its way into our bodies during every day life. Because white tea is slightly less processed than green tea or black tea, white tea is the best way to revive the most beneficial antioxidants. My favorite white tea is Youthberry by Teavanna. It is a citrusy tea with a mild caffeine level. Perfect for an early morning!

It can boost your immune system!

Holy basil/tulsi tea has been used by Ayurvedic pharmacists for hundreds of years. Their use? To help upkeep the immune system. They would use this tea after injuries or illnesses. Tulsi tea maintains antibacterial, anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory properties. This is the most popular immune-boosting tea, but many others hold the same properties. There is evidence that chamomile tea can also help strengthen your immune system. Even if you don’t strongly feel these effects, it is only helping because tea is loaded with wonderful antioxidants! My favorite chamomile tea is by SleepyTime. It is calming and is amazing to drink when you’re settling down after a long day.

It’s calming effect!

Drinking is an obvious way to help reduce stress. Green tea contains an amino acid, L-theanine, that produces a calming effect. Who doesn’t need a good organic stress-reliever now and then? Especially as a college student, a nice hot cup of green tea now and then really calms me down before a big exam or before I start lots of homework. Personally, any warm drink relieves stress, but siping on warm, aromatic green tea can make the whole day melt away. My favorite green tea is Yogi green tea super antioxidant.

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