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The Affordable Skincare Device that Changed my Life

Yes, I am being dramatic. But having good skin can really change your mood. I have always had super dry, flaky skin. In middle school and high school, I would beg my mom to buy me exfoliators to help the problem, but she always said that they were too harsh for my skin.

Once I got a little bit older, I realized she was right. Using harsh exfoliators every day can really strip your skin which will only cause more dryness.

After my exfoliation obsession, I began researching devices like the Clarisonic. This is a a brush style skincare device that is meant to be used daily. The vibrating and spinning brush is meant to exfoliate and deeply cleanse the skin. While the Clarisonic sounded great, it is very expensive. I had also heard negative things about the fact that the brush heads can store a lot of bacteria which could cause acne.

After researching even further, I found the Foreo. This device is like the Clarisonic where it is a daily cleansing device that vibrates to give a gentle, daily exfoliation. The Foreo however, uses silicone instead of a brush head which is much more sanitary and will not hold bacteria. Again, the Foreo is $200 and way out of my price range.

But, after searching for hours on the internet, I found a dupe. With great reviews on Amazon, I made the $9.99 purchase with high hopes.

The device has different vibration settings for more or less exfoliation. I use it every single night while washing my face to get rid of dry, flaky skin and blackheads. It comes with a charger, but I have only used it a handful of times in the years that I have been using this product.

This silicone skincare device is basically the exact same thing as the Foreo and you can still afford your daily Pumpkin Spice Latte. I have been using the product every single day for years and it has yet to let me down. If you are on the hunt for a change in your skincare routine, I highly recommend checking this out!

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