Thanksgiving Style

The air is cool, the leaves are changed, and it is finally time for that big Thanksgiving feast with your whole family! Personally, I don’t think Thanksgiving gets enough credit because as soon as Halloween is over everyone jumps on the Christmas train. Their minds go into a Winter Wonderland frenzy. One question everyone has around this time is what to wear. And to everyone who has asked me so far, my answer is simple, no jeans.


Leggings are key when it comes to Thanksgiving dinner. You don’t want to have a food baby while in jeans. That just sounds like a terrible time! But that doesn’t mean you can’t look cute while being comfortable.


An oversized sweater with leggings is the perfect fall look. Adding accessories also always helps. A scarf or statement necklace can go a long way when trying to make a simple outfit more complex. Also, a pair of over-the-knee boots can always make a look go from casual to a little more sophisticated.


No matter what you wear, it is all about being with the ones you love this week. I hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving!