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Tell That To Yourself.

Tell that to yourself. 

You heard me.

Look in the mirror, and tell that to yourself. Say everything that you tell your friends when they need reassurance to yourself. 

Being a good friend — or just a good person for that matter — requires the ability and desire to help and reassure others. If you’re anything like me, it can be easy to constantly lift up others and to lend advice; however, to be honest, more than of half of the time the advice I give to friends, loved ones, and even what I write about are all lessons that I need to hear too. 

The image I used to help title this blog post is one that I came across about a year ago on Instagram. The person who is black and looks drained from daily life was the one I related to. I had always been the friend that other people leaned on for support or for a laugh. I was always helping my friends through their problems by having thoughtful conversations and giving the best advice I could. However, a part of me knew that the advice I was giving them was the advice I needed to hear. This image was exactly what I needed to see, and sometimes it still is. When you are constantly lifting other people up, it is easy to let yourself fall down. For me, my focus was not on my own mental health, it was on my friends’ wellbeing. When I began slipping into my own personal battles, I was extremely apprehensive to lean on friends for support because I knew everything bad happening in their own lives. However, when I came across this illustration, something wonderful happened. All of the times I told my friends how beautiful they are, how they can get through anything because of their strength, how intelligent they each are, and how much I look up to them flew around in my head in a million fleeting moments. So, I sat up in my bed, looked in my mirror and said all of those things to myself. It became a part of my routine until I 100% believed it, and then I kept saying it. Becoming aware of my own capabilities and finding support from myself not only helped me better understand myself but also other people. Once you are aware of your worth and happy with yourself, it becomes easier to reach out a helping hand for people who are trying to do the same thing.

Looking in the mirror and telling yourself you are brave, you are intelligent, and you are beautiful is one of the most liberating actions we can do, and being able to believe it is not just liberating, it is life-changing. So, tell that to yourself. Get up out of bed in the morning, look in the mirror, and tell all of that to yourself. Give yourself the same advice and support you give your friends. Then, watch your life change. You deserve it.

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