Bailey Fink

Features Editor //


Hey, there! My name is Bailey Fink and I’m the features editor, a.k.a. those longs one you probably skip to get to the pictures. I’m a senior studying journalism: news and information and super passionate about magazine journalism! I spent my summer interning with Pittsburgh Magazine and gaining more Pittsburgh pride than I had before, which I didn’t even think was possible. When I’m not working on Thread, I’m also the Vice President of Internal Affairs for BobcaThon, the dance marathon on campus, and have been lovingly (I hope) called the crazy BobcaThon girl because I think everyone should join, so let’s talk about being FTK. 

As a senior, I can be found crying literally anywhere on campus thinking about leaving these bricks and the place I’ve called home for four years … but if anyone wants to hire me, hit me up, I’m super cool, I promise!