Tasty Workout Snacks

One of the most important parts of working out also happens to be one of the best parts of life—FOOD! It is important to eat before and after you workout—I’ve listed a few of my favorite workout related snacks below!

Disclaimer: I am not a nutritionist but I have been a runner for more than 7 years and these are things that have worked for me! Health related information below found at mayoclinic.org and eatsmart.com

  1. Trail Mix
photo from eatingbirdfood.com

A classic on-the-go snack, trail mix is perfect for a sweet and salty burst of energy before a workout. Nuts contain unsaturated fats or “healthy fats” and fiber, which both help to lower cholesterol. Dried fruits hold the same nutrients as fresh fruits which are concentrated after dehydration and dark chocolate has been known to improve heart health. For a cheaper alternative to pre-made trail mix, pay a visit to the bulk food aisle and create your own!


  1. Vegetables and Hummus
photo from kathieswift.com

This is one of the easiest, yummiest post workout snacks, and can be easily tailored to your individual preferences. Carrots, cucumber, celery, cherry tomatoes, broccoli, and cauliflower are all nutritious vegetables, and taste great dipped in hummus. Depending on the brand and flavor, hummus usually has very low fats, and lots of fiber and protein making it a great recovery food!


  1. Energy Bars
photo from active.com

Energy bars are an easy snack to take on the road, especially if you have a tough workout ahead of you, and they can be eaten before, during or after a workout! There are dozens of brands of granola bars marketed as “energy bars” and each has its benefits, just make sure to watch out for sugar and pick a low sodium option, or take control and make your own!


  1. Protein Balls
photo from cleanfoodcrush.com

A new internet fitness trend is taking Pinterest by storm—protein balls! There are lots of unique recipes but the ultimate goal is to give your body a jump-start to workout or a yummy recovery food! Because I embrace trends wholeheartedly, especially if they’re pumpkin/fall themed, I have attached a link to Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Energy Balls Below! (Pro-tip: you can find ground flax seed at most grocery stores!)



  1. Peanut Butter and Celery
photo from eatthismuch.com

My go-to snack after a long run or a challenging workout is peanut butter and celery! Packed with protein, peanut butter is great in moderation and celery is a great delivery method! This classic snack is also a throw back to childhood and if you toss a few raisons on top, you can have ants on a log!


“Food may be essential as fuel for the body, but GOOD food is fuel for the soul.” – Malcolm Forbes