Taking a Page From my Cart

I’m sure many of us have reached the point in the fall season where we look into our closets and are highly disappointed with the results. As the fall season rings in and our clothing from the previous year has gone out of style, no longer fits or has some considerable wear and tear, we begin the hunt for new items.

I know I have started to sift through pages of clothing on websites for my closet, probably going way overboard per usual. There are some definite winners in my shopping cart as well as being shipped to my house as I type this blog.

My favorite place to shop is H&M as some of my previous blogs may have revealed. So, I have attached some inspiration for fall and winter clothing items you can pick up that happen to be my favorite too.


These tops speak for themselves. Dress them up or down, either way they’re sure to be comfortable no matter the scene.



All three of these pants work for different occasions. The jeans are perfect for the season because of their limited holes attaining the holey jean style even in the coldest of months. The leggings are thick and with their subtle pattern, they can be dressed up or down. The wide-cut pants on the far right are perfect for any day at work.


I love both of these jackets so much because they can fluctuate between professional and casual so easily. Paired with a button down and slacks, these jackets become the ultimate work essentials. Make them casual with a loose V-neck/t-shirt and jeans to attain the casual, yet so put together look.


OK, I know what you’re thinking. I have an unhealthy love affair with booties, heeled or flat. You’re absolutely right. Whether it is the heeled style with the comfiest way to wear a pair of heels. Or the flat bootie for effortless style. All three are suede and all three are definitely on my wish list this season!


Some simple hats can go a long way! Dress up your outfit with the classic black, felt hat to the right. Or take the casual route with the soft-pink hat to the left.