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Taking a Mental Break

It’s true that nature inspires, humbles and gives a moment to be at peace with yourself and find clarity. From my experience, I think nature naturally makes people feel this way, so we should all get out and experience our surroundings more often. Last Sunday, I went to Old Man’s Cave at Hocking Hills with my mom for Mom’s Weekend here at Ohio University. For those who don’t know, Old Man’s Cave is about 30 minutes from campus and could easily be considered a gem in the “backyard” for Ohio University and surrounding areas.

There’s something so special about exploring nature, especially locations close to your home! Going to Old Man’s Cave allowed me to escape the same scenery I see every day on campus and reminded me to take a break from the stresses of school. I reflected on the blessings in my life and could greater appreciate where I am right now and embracing it all!  Plus, de-stressing was effortless since you’re surrounded by such a natural form of beauty that you forget materialistic matters.

From a fitness perspective, you sure get in a lot of walking and elevated walking, even some stairs. Old Man’s Cave had an aspect of hiking, but it was at a slow pace filled with many areas to stop and take in the beauty. I definitely felt my heart rate increase during the “hike” and it was just enough to serve as my exercise for the day.


With finals around the corner and end of the semester stresses creeping up, go clear your mind in the outdoors around you. No matter if you’re looking for inspiration or a place to relax, get out and explore the natural beauty of nature. You won’t regret the time you spend. Remember it’s important to take a breather and get out and enjoy what’s out there for you to explore!


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