9 FREE things to do in Athens while the weather is WARM!

Hi everyone! The warm weather and sunshine is upon us! I can feel it coming…now we just need to get it to stay! ūüôā Anytime the sun is shining I try to go outside and make the most of the beautiful weather. I have discovered many wonderful, relaxing, and enjoyable activities to do here on […]

Writing Your Own Book

Life is simply a self-written book. You choose the¬†main characters, the¬†love interests, the¬†enemies, the¬†plot, and the¬†clothing. I recently read something on Tumblr that said “Satisfaction in life starts with the main characters around you,” and this idea¬†really got¬†me thinking¬†about what the true meaning of satisfaction is. Of course, I’m happy with the¬†close friends that I […]