The Brains and Beauty Behind “JAcKD UP”

As stated in a previous blog, JAcKD UP is a social enterprise that our dear friends started, and that we most definitely endorse! Since we were so intrigued with the construction of their growing enterprise, Emma and I had the pleasure to sit down with Jane Kardotzke and Jennifer Kash to discuss the raw beauty […]

Judge Russo. You’ll Thank Us Later for Reading this Article.

Dewy D’Amore, a freshman at Ohio University and our fellow mod mate, is our rockstar. Describing creating music like painting a picture, Dewy taugh himself seven instruments, including guitar, piano, bass, and even mandolin.  An alternative musician, we are enthralled to endorse such a unique sound! Dewy’s band, Judge Russo, is without a doubt one […]

The Queen Shares Her Throne

You might have thought that Queen Bey independently ruled the female R&B genre, but the release of her sister Solange Knowles’ latest album suggests a diarchy. On October 6th, the singer known as Solange to the music industry, released her album “A Seat at the Table.” The world is loving this 22-track masterpiece so much that it […]

Playlist: Fall 2016

There’s something familiar about mornings in the fall. The brisk wind breaking on your face. The amber air filling your lungs. The moon resting high and faint, the sun low and warm. The dew glistens on the grass. Breathe. Crisp leaves under your soles, car rides where they pick up with the wind from behind. Where […]