In Good Fashion: Samara

By Hannah Pridemore Staff Writer As minimalism and eco-friendly companies are on the rise, it’s no surprise that these ideals have made their way to the handbag industry. As a token collectible item, wouldn’t it be nice to know that the bags collecting dust on the shelves when they’re out of season are going to […]

Five Apps to Promote Green Living!

Hello friends, and happy Saturday! I’ve recently discovered a couple of apps that make it really easy to live a greener lifestyle. Sometimes it’s difficult to know which products are made ethically and which aren’t. Here are a couple of amazing apps that you can download from the Apple or Google Play stores for FREE! […]

How To Eco-Up Your Bathroom

Hello friends, and happy Saturday! It’s 2019, and it’s time we all learn to live in a more sustainable fashion. The trend of being eco-friendly has often been advertised as all or nothing, but going all-in takes time and is generally quite an expensive process. Instead, I’m proposing a couple of zero-waste changes that could […]

Saving Our Earth Just Got Affordable!

Hello, wonderful and beautiful people! Today I want to talk about our Earth. Since the world was created, we humans were given the responsibility of taking care of this planet. To say the least, we aren’t doing a very good job. With countless industries moving as fast as lightning, there isn’t a whole lot of […]