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Styling Your Partner’s Clothes on Yourself

By Katie Johnson

Staff Writer

Everyone loves wearing their partner’s hoodie, but you could actually make an entire wardrobe out of their clothes that’ll remind you of them while adding your personal style to the outfit at the same time. Dressing unisex is something I do often, so living with my boyfriend and having access to a boy’s closet was epic for me, however, you can style any partner’s clothes. Here’s what I do with my outfits now that I have my hands on two closets…

  1. Oversized jackets over dresses

There is nothing like pairing a big, warm, and masculine denim, leather, corduroy, or literally any material jacket with a long, pretty, and feminine dress for a night out to keep you warm and mix feminine and masculine pieces. 

  1. Boyfriend jeans

You know what’s cheaper than buying trendy boyfriend jeans? Stealing your boyfriend’s jeans. Style them with a simple shirt but outgoing jewelry to draw attention. Lindsay Vrckovnik and her boyfriend are a perfect example of a generous man sharing his jeans as a love language:

  1. Boxers and briefs 

Wearing boxers as pjs or just around the house is my favorite thing to do. It’s so comfortable, breathable — an underwear and shorts all-in-one combo —and will remind you of him. I even bought some from the men’s section just for myself. You could even steal their briefs under your baggy jeans.

  1. Button-ups 

Accentuate your figure by wearing a button-up dress shirt or their denim button-up with a belt/corset as a dress (Julia Roberts-style), with a sweater vest over top, or wear it unbuttoned like a flannel under a graphic tee. Even tie your shirt cowgirl style for some cropped action with some loose pants or a skirt to go with the tight upper part of the outfit. Button-ups are versatile for a spring dress or a winter layering moment. 

  1. Hats

I never wore hats until I was introduced to his collection. Boys will always have a wide variety of hats and they are perfect to accessorize your outfit, block your eyes from the sun, or cover up your bad hair day…

  1. Boyfriend blazers

If you have a businessman, take it and run with it. The parisians will appreciate seeing you in a blazer, tee, and jeans.

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