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Style Spotlight: “The Craft”

I’m someone who is into a more “alternative” sense of fashion. Many of my influences come from either the music I’ve listened to or the movies and shows I’ve watched. They all inspired me to feel comfortable in whatever I wear. One of the films that has helped shape my style is “The Craft.” In this movie about teenage witches, the actresses donned schoolgirl outfits with gothic accessories or all-black alternative outfits. It’s a cult classic film, and the fashion in the movie is still recreated to this day.

I want to take a closer peek at two of the most iconic looks from this movie, just in time for Halloween!

From the long floral dresses to the fishnet shirt under the vest, these looks mixed goth with boho. The dresses fit the boho aesthetic with the light patterns, but they were styled with boots and a heavy black denim jacket to make a great contrast. It was walking the line of feminine while maintaining a more grunge appearance. The other slip dresses were reminiscent of the grunge style that was popularized by female musicians in the ’90s. The long-sleeved fishnet shirt under the all-black vest with the cross necklace embraced the goth style. Red sunglasses and a purple lip topped off the look to create one of my favorites from the film.

These schoolgirl outfits have become a defining look of the film. Worn throughout most of the movie, this twist on a classic uniform has become quite famous. While it still had the typical schoolgirl elements, they amped up their appearance. The black cardigan was somewhat more goth, but the mini skirts with the black knee-high socks gave the characters the “rebel girl” attitude. Layered with silver necklaces and spiked dog collars, the girls completed the occult style. The suspenders and mini skirt are the look that really drew me. In general, all of the outfits caught my attention because they were alternative but still had style to them. These uniforms resonated with fans all over the country, and these outfits have gained popularity again.

“The Craft” had fashion that was very distinctive to me when I first watched it. These girls dressed how I wanted to dress when I was 15. To this day, the styles have a clear influence on me. “The Craft” itself is a great movie, and I highly suggest you watch it! Maybe you guys will take influence for your own style or a Halloween costume!

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