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Style Spotlight: Skins

If you were on Tumblr at one point between 2012 to 2016, you might have seen quotes or gifs from the infamous show “Skins.” Typically under hashtags like #softgrunge, #edgy, or #dark, the British show followed three generations of teens dealing with a variety of issues, such as addiction, mental illness, broken families, and friendships. Originally airing from 2007 to 2013, the show gained much controversy for the explicit scenes and language. Even after it ended, it left an impact and was referenced on social media for a while. I was around the age of 15 when I heard about the show, and I ended up watching it when I was 17. Personally, I enjoy the show; it’s very outrageous but they do show a lot of what teens deal with. The characters on “Skins” all have strong personalities, and their outfits help define who they are. Although the trends are more representative of the 2010s, their fashion is just as iconic as the show itself.

For reference, I’m only doing my favorite characters on the show, and I haven’t watched the third generation. 

Cassie Ainsworth was one of the most memorable characters over the course of the series. She was the definition of a “manic pixie dream girl,” and her character dealt with a variety of mental illness issues, most prominently being anorexia. Her style was very vintage, with soft feminine touches and intricate details. Long flowy dresses and skirts were a staple for her and sometimes she’d pair it with a heavy blazer. Her closet is filled with pinks, beiges, golds, and grays that she’ll typically mix up with flowery patterns. She can be seen sporting a gold wristwatch around her ankle to add to the uniqueness of her character’s style. Her clothes reflect her sweet personality.

Chris Miles is notorious for being the hard partier in the group and getting around. He typically wore loud patterns and scarfs with muscle tanks. Chris would sometimes be seen wearing baggy pants and a beanie on his head. His fashion was the epitome of the 2000s and 2010s. It was colorful and wild compared to the other male characters from the first generation. He remains a fan-favorite character to this day. 

Effy Stonem is possibly the most famous character from this show. To this day, she has defined an entire generation, and her quotes are typically found on Tumblr. She was the mysterious “cool girl” in the second generation and was never seen without black smudged eye makeup. She often wore long draped necklaces, and black was a staple color. She could also be seen in fishnets, shorts, loose tank tops, and combat boots. Her clothes were recreated often on Tumblr, and she definitely influenced my own style in high school. 

Emily Fitch was the kind-hearted, twin sister of Katie Fitch. She was defined by her character growth and coming out due to her relationship with Naomi. She was often in sweaters and skirts, with small bursts of color. She’d often wear neat blouses or tights underneath and a pair of flats to finish off her outfit.

Freddie McClair was the sweet and laid-back skater boy that captured the attention of Effy Stonem. He would often wear plain tank tops or shirts, with baggy jeans and sneakers. He would also sometimes wear a cardigan or jacket. His relaxed attitude was reflected in his clothes, which were casual and pretty simple. 

“Skins” remains an iconic show even after it ended. The drama, the storylines, and the memorable characters have stuck in the minds of viewers. I always loved the show and the fashion left an influence on me. If you’ve never seen “Skins,” I highly recommend that you watch it! The series can be found on Netflix. I hope you enjoyed this article and maybe found a new show to binge!

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