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Stunning Simplicity: Monochrome Makeup

A trend that was seen in 2018 in the makeup community has remained a heavy hitting trend in 2019. Monochrome makeup and fashion can look extremely beautiful and can be relatively simple if done properly. I love monochromatic makeup looks because with certain tones you can really bring out the color of your eyes or accent a nice outfit. The look is super mesmerizing and strikingly elegant.

When doing a monochromatic makeup look you’ll want to find a good medium to light transition shade that will blend nicely with a crease, outer v, and lid shade. I love taking a lighter yellow and blending into a deeper yellow in the crease. Once I take time blending together those two shades I go in with an even darker yellowish orange color to deepen the look. Finally I take a shimmery yellow gold on the lid to finish it off (then add whitish gold to the highlight points). To finish off a monochrome look I like to highlight with a shade similar to my eyeshadow, so I would use a light gold toned highlight with a nude matte lip or sheer gloss. The best part about monochrome is that it works with any color scheme.

This type of look takes no time and is super stunning and modern. Using bright colors like yellows, pinks, blues can really bring out the spirit of Spring and Summer, but this makeup trend works all year round.

Photo by Kailee Richey
Photo by Kailee Richey

*Cover photo @kaileericheyphotography

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