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Student Spotlight No. 1

Individuality. It comes in many forms, and Student Spotlight is the chance for you to get to know your peers and celebrate them for who they are. 

Welcome to the pilot episode of Student Spotlight! I’m your host Rachel Calvis and my colleague Emma Dengler is currently sitting with me while we write this introduction. Welcome to our fire collab!

Since this is our first Student Spotlight, we thought that we would take this week to introduce ourselves to the Ohio University fashion community and show you how Student Spotlight works. Every couple of weeks, we will introduce a new student to our blogosphere where they get a featured spot on our feed! Feel free to peruse through the article and find our contact information if you’re interested in participating.

Rachel Calvis

Hello, my name is Rachel Calvis and I am currently a freshman at Ohio University! I am a journalism major with intentions of going into public relations. In my free time, I enjoy taking photos with my camera (fun fact: all the pictures that we take for our blog are taken by us!), hanging out with all of  my newfound friends, writing, and eating a lot of food. Feel free to follow me on Instagram @rachelcalvisss to take a closer look at my life and all the craziness involved!

Emma Dengler

Hello! My name is Emma Dengler and I am a freshman at Ohio University. I am currently majoring in integrated media arts and studies, hoping to emphasize in design and minor in fine arts. When I’m not in class, I love to draw, write songs, play music on the guitar, and go out with my new crazy and wonderful friends. To catch a closer glimpse into my interests and life in general, feel free to check out my instagram page @e.dengler. Additionally, I hope that you are able to find out more about Rachel and I in this article and how we incorporate our art interests into this blog and our overall styles. 

 How would you describe your style? 
ED – “My style is pretty broad, though overall, I usually try to incorporate something artsy into my outfit, whether it be a vintage clothing item or handmade earrings. On a normal day, I guess my style could be described as artsy or chill, but when I go out, I think I tend to dress more punk.”
RC – “There isn’t one thing that can embody the essence of my style. My style is a broad spectrum between grunge and very casual. I tend to dress very laid-back, with lots of stripes incorporated into my outfits. It is all a sense of feeling for me.”

Who/what influences your style? 
ED – “My mother and friends are definitely the biggest influences on my fashion sense. They’re the ones who I shop with and who help mix and match my outfits. Social Media is also a big influence to me when it comes to fashion and overall style. Some of my favorite social media pages to get fashion inspiration from are @nanda_schwarz and @vanellimelli on Instagram. They are evidently part of the movement to bring back retro styles and chill vibes into fashion, which is pretty cool to see.” 
RC – “My friends are huge influences on my style. I don’t try super hard with my style, but I try to reflect my feelings into my clothes. The friends that I have made here have made me feel so comfortable in my own skin that I express myself how I please. It feels so rewarding.”  

Where are you favorite places to shop? 
ED – “I love shopping at thrift stores and quirky boutiques. I take pride in being able to wear unique clothing while simultaneously supporting local businesses and artists. Otherwise though, I do occasionally stop into H&M, Forever21 and Urban Outfitters.”
RC – “Target, Urban Outfitters, and thrifting are my go-tos. I don’t shop often, but when I do I always try to find new pieces that I have never seen before, but they still reflect my overall style. It is rewarding to find pieces that people acknowledge and your roomies borrow.”

What are some of your go-to pieces in your wardrobe? 
ED – “I tend to wear denim – a lot. My BDG denim black jeans and mom jeans are definitely go-tos for me, as well as my mom’s loose-fit denim button-up and a pair of jean shorts I found at the Goodwill in my hometown. I also love wearing cropped tops during this hot weather paired with high-waisted pants or shorts. As for shoes, my go-to is definitely my white Adidas Haven gym shoes, or black platform chunky boots.”
RC – “Birkenstocks and fun socks are always a go-to for me. Even when it is hot outside, I will always wear socks with my Birks without fail. I also love high-waisted shorts and jeans with any type of crop top.” 
What else do you use to define your style besides clothing? 
ED – “I use makeup and jewelry to define my style in addition to the clothes I wear. Because my hair is so short, it’s difficult to use it to really put together my outfit, so I tend to make up for that with makeup and earrings. On a normal class day, I usually only wear a small amount of makeup, if any. Though if I’m going out, I love to play with eyeshadow to define my eyes. Winged eyeliner and some contour are also usually used for my full makeup look as well.”
RC – “Besides the essentials, I also cannot go out without my watch, bracelets, and all of my rings. I have five.”


HEY  YOU! Interested in being featured in Student Spotlight? If you are, feel free to email us directly at for a chance to be featured in Student Spotlight! If you are chosen to be a part of Student Spotlight, we will contact you directly with information regarding meeting for a shoot, and all the pictures taken will be sent to you directly! Take the chance on us! Express yourself! Catch you in the next one 🙂






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