Stress Relief Workouts for Finals Week

It’s here. Finals week is upon us, and if you’re anything like me, your academic stress is at an all time high. There are several ways to cope with stress, and one of the best ways to do that is exercise! Lifting and other anaerobic exercises are great if you’re trying to tone muscles, but for peace of mind and a seriously relaxing workout. Of course, you need to also make sure that you’re getting enough sleep to make it through your revision sessions and your exercises without being shattered. If you are struggling with getting enough sleep then we would recommend things like white noise and even getting a new mattress (use this guide on mattress sizes though to make sure you get one the right size)!
Anyway, try these three aerobic exercises this week during your study breaks!


Lap Swim at the Aquatic Center

Our aquatic center here at Ohio University has open swim hours! During the middle of the day, between 8am and 3pm, the pool is usually empty of OU swim team members and events.

Swimming is a great way to boost your metabolism and take care of your cardiac health, and a low impact form of cardio if you have knee/foot problems. Bonus points if you play basketball in the shallow end!

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Run around Athens

Have you always wondered where Mound Street is? Think you can find Highland Park without using Google Maps? Running through Athens will give you a chance to get to know campus and the surrounding area. At the same time, you’ll have enough time outside to think about how you’re going to nail your final exams!

I’m a huge advocate of running for its cardiovascular benefits as well as mental health benefits, but if you’re not up for a super intense workout you can always go for a short jog!

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Rent a Bike

If you hate running and you hate swimming, then you probably hate smiling too, right? That’s okay! Another great aerobic exercise that will alleviate stress and help you race through finals week is bicycling! Athens Bicycle on Stimson Avenue has rental bikes for $10 an hour. Take the bike path to do your grocery shopping this week and get your heartbeat racing!

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Hopefully these ideas help you reign in the stress and ace your finals!