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Stop Planning, Start Living

It’s hard to not look forward to the future when almost every point in our lives seems like it’s preparing us for the next step. High school was prep for college, college preps us for an internship, an internship preps us for the dreaded three letter word: JOB.


But what ever happened to living in the moment?


No matter how many times we say it (or see a social media post) we never seem to. We’re always planning for the next stage.


We’re young, shouldn’t we just care about the moment we’re in and stop worrying so much about the future?


This is not to say that we should stop caring because this moment is the only one we should care about. What this does mean is that we should be more self-aware. Stay off of your phone when you’re with friend, stop freaking out about not being in a relationship and most importantly, make decisions based on what you like right now, not what you think will look better on a resume.

All too often we base our decisions on the future. We take jobs we don’t have time to fit into our schedule so we can save for some far away goal. We take on a leadership position because that’s another point on our resume. We join an organization because we think having a diverse range of activities makes us desirable to potential employers.

Thinking too much in the future leads to disappointment. No matter how well our planners schedule our days or how perfect your plan is for after graduation, shit happens. You meet someone, or an unexpected event pops up or that once perfect plan gets delayed. And you realize that’s okay. The unexpected is what makes life exciting and fun. Sometimes what comes out of it is a blessing, sometimes it’s a lesson but regardless c’est la vie.

Why prevent yourself from learning about your interests just because someone reading a single piece of paper thinks you’re more qualified? Why start planning your wedding when you don’t even have a plan for dinner? Why worry about your future husband when you don’t even have a date for date party yet?

Take pictures to capture your experiences, not to prove to others how much fun you’re having. Choose an occupation that you’re passionate about and disregard the starting salary or the stereotype from society. Enjoy the moment you’re in now because before you know it, you’re not living it, you’re just planning.




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