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Statement Sleeves

A huge fashion trend that is continuously showing up during Fashion Week runways is the statement sleeve. It has made its return in the 2017 fall Fashion Week and is a trend we should all jump on.  Statement sleeves? Think tiered, flared, ruffled, or even balloon-shaped. The possibilities are endless and you can continue to be versatile with your look.

This detail is simple yet exaggerated which will keep your outfits looking casual in a trendy way. A statement sleeve added to your outfit is also wearable for all occasions. Statement sleeves can create a strong emphasis as well as make for a playful look. Exaggerated sleeves are a great way to accessorize without actually accessorizing. If you are not particularly good at accessorizing your outfit, you can find a top with unique sleeves to take over your look!

Want to try something different, but still trendy? Style a top with tiered sleeves under a slip dress! It will make your outfit more fun and trendy and is a simple way to step outside the box with your style.

This trend has inspired me to go out and buy two tops with statement sleeves. I have incorporated them a lot into daily outfits I wear to class and out. They are easy to style because of the exaggerated sleeve, so it does not take much to complete your outfit! Your sleeves are already trendy and eye-catching!

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