Spooky Dorm Room Workout

Happy Halloween! If there is one thing Bobcats are good at, it’s celebrating the spookiest holiday of the year, and what better way to recover from this wild weekend than a workout! These moves are small enough that you can do them in your dorm room– have fun!

1. Spider Sit Ups

These sit ups are a great workout for your abs if you don’t have much space in your room! Make sure your feet stay on the floor and do three sets of as many sit ups as you are comfortable with.

photo from gethealthyu.com

2. Jumping Jack O’ Lanterns

You’ll have to watch out for your roommate, but jumping jacks are an awesome way to warm up your muscles and work some cardio into your routine. Try to do 20 in a row!

photo from steadyrun.com

3. Pumpkin Push-Ups

While you’re thinking about the PSL you’re going to drink later, work your arms and abs by doing three sets of ten push ups! You can modify these push ups by putting your knees on the ground.

photo from popsugar.com

4. Scarecrow Squats

Keep that beach booty going and do a few scarecrow squats during your workout. This classic exercise engages your glutes and quads, and after three sets of ten squats, you’ll definitely feel something!

photo from womenshealthmag.com

These spooky moves will help you stay fit, and keep the halloween spirit alive in your room or at the gym!