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Speaking for Change: A Thank You to Alicia Keys

I’m still coming off of an emotional high from Sunday night’s VMAs. We’ll never forget the epic fashion that glided along the red carpet, or the always incredible Beyoncé taking the stage. SO MANY THINGS happened last night between the hours of 8 p.m. and 12 p.m., and while I watched countless great performances on the stage, one in particular stood out to me. I couldn’t tell you if it’s because of her talent or her soul, but Alicia Keys gets even more amazing with age. Keys, who was not scheduled to perform, blessed us with a performance nonetheless.

That performance is one worth gushing over.


The 35-year-old musician presented the award for Best Male Video, but along with the presentation came a powerful message. It was the 35th anniversary of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s I Have a Dream speech, and Keys adhered to Reverend King’s agenda. She delivered a powerful poem to her audience that suggested a world where sexuality and skin are not a barrier for mankind. The beautiful poem, which transformed into song with the help of Keys’ transcendent vocals, reveled in the issues we are currently facing in our country today.

I still believe in that dream, that one day our nation is going to rise up and finally, finally, be completely about the true meaning of this creed: that all women and men are created equal,” Keys said.

Alicia Keys is a brilliant musician with a powerful and genuine voice for change. She has been an inspiration to women and men alike in many ways, one of which being her decision to present the award without a stitch of makeup on. While media outlets have focused in on this aspect of her performance, her verbal message was what truly struck me.

Keys’ performance was short and to the point, but it is one that needs to be talked about.

Her message was perfectly timed and vital to the problems of our nation. Thanks to her courage and her choice to take advantage of the literal platform that she was given, we are one step closer to equality. It may have been just a song to some people, but with enough voices singing it, we just might find change.

Thank you, Alicia Keys, for saying exactly what needed to be said.

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