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Solo is the Way to Go

Photo: Pinterest

Dating these days isn’t fun or glamorous. It’s tiring. I would rather binge-watch Criminal Minds than put on eyeliner and make small talk at a sushi restaurant. And I’m always down for sushi, ask any of my friends.

Plus, seeing relationships fall apart doesn’t persuade me to try and meet anyone either. I used to be the girl who was always in a relationship, but once I tasted my freedom, I realized that I’m not ready to try a million samples until I find the right one. Plus, I’m pretty sure my tastebuds haven’t changed much since my last relationship, and that was a flop, so why go out looking?

I love having the time to do the things that I want to do and watch the shows that I want to watch. Being alone isn’t “sitting in a dark, cold, dusty cellar waiting for somebody” (10 points if you know this song).

Photo: Pinterest

Dating nowadays is just too hard. You have to define the relationship and fight off all the dating apps in the world because FOMO is totally a thing in our generation. There’s so much more work that is put into dating today, like checking what you like on Instagram, who you follow on Twitter, other simple activities that us single folk don’t have to look into unless we are trying to flirt with someone.

Now, don’t get me wrong. Being in a relationship can be an amazing thing, with the right person. There are some nights that I am jealous of all of you and your “relationship goals” pictures, and I wonder what that must be like.

This is for those of us that feel the constant pressure to be “talking” to someone, or purely miss the satisfaction of hand-holding and having someone to hug when you’ve had a bad day.

There’s nothing wrong with going home alone or deciding that dating just isn’t for you, and if it is for you, more power to you. But for now, until someone wants to stand outside my window with a boom box, I’m happy sleeping alone and falling asleep to the sound of Matthew Gray Gubler’s voice on my TV.


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