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So You Think You Can Adult?

Living on your own is fun until the bills come in, and you have to wash dishes because for some reason every apartment in Athens doesn’t have a dishwasher, or maybe they do and none of my friends have them. Finding your own apartment can be a daunting feeling to do alone, but with the right help, it can make it a whole lot easier! I looked on so many different websites like to see what would best suit me and my situation where I was currently. Well, after all of that I finally got one, so alls well that ends well.

This is my first year living completely on my own and this whole idea of “adulting” is almost a big joke at this point. I can’t cook that well and I’ve never been able to. I burnt myself cooking a pizza that you literally just stick in the oven. I am now scarred for life and have never cooked another pizza. I did learn that mustard supposedly helps burns (shoutout to my brother-in-law).

While living with my parents I learned little adulting tidbits, like not ditching my nieces and nephews in line for slushies at their birthday parties, and not hogging their sidewalk chalk for too long when I’m drawing a flower. But, living on my own is kind of stressful especially since I’ve become some weird, clean freak that my mom wouldn’t recognize. You don’t understand. Everywhere has to be clean, including my bedroom. Yes, you heard that right. My bedroom. My personal space. This wouldn’t have happened when I was living at home, but something has changed now that I’m in my own place. As everywhere is clean, it gives me a better opportunity to redecorate if I want to. My friend told me about these wall decals that she said would look great in any of the rooms in my apartment, so I told her I’d have a look. If I do decide to do this, at least I don’t have to waste half my time cleaning up my living space, as it’s already been done. I use Clorox wipes on the daily to clean our kitchen counters, when I used to not even put my dirty clothes in a hamper. Yeah, I was that kid.


Now being on my own, I even make my bed sometimes, which says a lot because I’m a firm believer in the whole “I’m gonna get back in it later, so what’s the point” mantra. I also sweep our floors because having hardwood floors is my personal hell. They look pretty and nice but they’re the devil’s spawn, especially if you have more than three people over. Everything will be stuck to the floor no matter what you do. I have complained about this a lot and to try and resolve this problem, my friends have told me to try and find the best steam mop for wood floors that I can to see if this would make a difference. I haven’t got around to looking at it yet, but I’m open to trying anything to help make cleaning this hardwood floor easier.

I learned the basics while under my parent’s roof, like dishes, because I actually grew up without a dishwasher, so there’s not culture shock not having one. It’s just a nuisance. I know how to do laundry and I even hoard plastic bags, which I am still not sure what the purpose of that is. I still have loads to learn before I move into my dream apartment and become a full adult. The end goal is to end up in one of the Admirals Cove apartments, or something similar (you can check them out at, but I know I’m not ready yet because I don’t know how to balance a checkbook or budget my money. But I’m getting there. I just know my Mom and Dad would be proud if they saw my apartment, and that’s a small win in my world of adulting.

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