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Six ways to repurpose your pumpkins after halloween

By Samantha Kruse

After Halloween is over and people start to take down their decorations, pumpkins are sometimes the first to go. Instead of tossing your pumpkin in the trash, here are six ways to repurpose them. 

Use them as decorations during November 

Pumpkins are not only decorative for Halloween, but they also make beautiful decor for the rest of the fall season. If your pumpkin looks healthy with no signs of rotting yet, place it outside your doorstep and it will look festive for November. Even placing it inside your home with some decorative autumn leaves would elevate your living space. 

Plant the seeds

Scoop the seeds out and bury them in soil outside. After planting, water until the soil looks thoroughly saturated. Make sure to plant these in an area that you do not mind vegetation growing. Wait until next year to see if your seeds spring into pumpkins!

Roast the seeds 

Grab the seeds before tossing the pumpkin— they make a delicious snack! First, clean the seeds off with cold water, then lay them out to dry. After the seeds are dried, you can coat them in olive oil and season them how you like. Roast the seeds in the oven and you’ll have a healthy snack for the next couple weeks. 

Make them into bird/squirrel feeders

Carve out the seeds inside the pumpkin and place birdseed inside; you’ll find that the squirrels will love it as well. If you do not have birdseed, nuts, seeds, and fruits are also acceptable foods you can place inside the pumpkin. Place the pumpkin feeder high up on a ledge or tree for the birds and squirrels. 

Make them into a planter 

If you clean out the remaining seeds and pulp, you can make a planter. Once the pumpkin is hollowed out, place soil inside and your choice of plant. When the pumpkin decays, it will serve as a natural fertilizer for the plant— just make sure to place it outside during this process. 

Compost it

Once your pumpkin has fulfilled its purpose for this time of year, compost it. Smash the remains and then cover it up with leaves; the pumpkin will naturally decompose. 

Samantha Kruse 

Writer, Stylist, and PR | Thread Magazine

Writer for The Beat | The Post

Staff for Pop Culture | The Bench Press Media

Project Member  | Sustainable Action League 

Strategic Communication Major in the E.W. Scripps School of Journalism

Ohio University ‘24

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