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Six Things to Detox from Your Life

  1. The Past

Don’t pity the past, leave behind all of the unnecessary emotional baggage that is in the way of your personal well-being and future opportunities. Let Go, whether it’s a failed friendship, romantic partner, or failing that exam you were too lazy to study for. Learn from your mistakes, accept the consequences and move on.

  1. Your Cluttered Mess of a Room

It is truly unbelievable how clear your mind becomes when you physically detach from all your unnecessary trinkets, purge your old clothes, and ditch your former room arrangement. When trying to renew yourself and feel in control of your life, creating the best possible environment is crucial to your well-being. You would be surprised at how alleviated and de-stressed you feel after putting things in their place, changing your bedding, and giving neglected clothes away to someone who needs them the most. Besides, you were never going to wear that beloved, tacky prom dress again, anyways.

On a side note, bring some greenery into your room. Having real, growing plants thriving upon your windowsill beaming in the sunlight, will help you radiate positivity and mindfulness. Believe me, I have well over a few plant friends in my living space.

3. Profusely Checking Social Media

There is absolutely no need to be constantly refreshing your Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Snapchat, etc. All this leads to is a comparison of your day vs. the person’s you are viewing. Everything online is a facade; we are constantly trying to reveal only our best selves. Yeah, it’s great to socialize and connect with friends and family we can’t always reach face-to-face, but learn how to control it in moderation. Take a day off from checking your phone and go explore a new part of your town to clear your mind and find inner peace.

4.  Having Unhealthy Habits

Say goodbye to processed, preservative and pesticide-ridden junk food and say hello to food that makes you feel good from the inside, out. Start with the basics. Make an effort to find out where your food comes from. You would be surprised to see what big companies put in the food you eat. Buy local. I cannot stress that enough. Ultimately, find balance. Everything is okay in moderation; just remember to be mindful of what you put in your body because it effects your mind, body and soul.

5. Worrying about Staying in Sometimes

Being in a college atmosphere makes it exceptionally hard to avoid staying out until the early morning hours. Sure, it can be very enjoyable to socialize and hang out with your best friends, but often times those nights aren’t what you imagined them to be. Sometimes you feel left out or rejected, and that never feels good or worth it. Alone time is necessary to clear your mind. Being your own biggest supporter will help you get through the tough times and strengthen your overall morale and assurance.

6. Negative Vibes 

Staying positive and spreading good vibes to yourself and the people around you is so important. Creating unconditional love and forgiveness starts with healthy habits. Outline the important things in your life. Learn how to prioritize wisely and step away from negative situations. Let go of comparison and jealousy. When you spread love, you create a happy, loving home for yourself. You attract the best people in the best ways. Be aware of who you let into your life and surround yourself with. More often than not, that is a major factor in finding true happiness and enlightenment.

Become your best self, always.

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