Simple Hairstyles For Summer

Whether you’re preparing to start your internship, packing for a music festival or booking a flight to Miami – your summers are probably packed with a bunch of activities. But when you have to run from one fun event to another, it’s hard to find time for taking care of yourself. We tend to get lazier with our skincare or makeup routines and don’t pay too much attention to how we look. But that’s no excuse for looking drab! So, we turned to graduate student Elisabeth Weems or Liz who always show up to class in funky hair-dos. “I grew up in a community where I didn’t see a lot of ethnic people, biracial people, black people,” she says. Being mixed race, she is the only member of her family with “crazy curls.” But there was a turning point for Liz, “Throughout the years I learned to love my hair and nourish it.”

  • Let it go

What’s the best hairstyle? No hairstyle at all! So just let your strands soak in the summer sun. This is perfect for when you are spending an afternoon surfing at the beach or rushing to a summer class. Liz explains why she loves this hair-do, “A lot of it has to do with taking the path of least resistance and not trying to tame or force your hair, but just letting your curls be free.”

  • Up top

Running late? Grab all your hair and throw it in a bun. Not only is this hairstyle suitable for professional settings like that internship you scored, but it will also be perfect for intense activities like hip-hop classes or basketball matches. Liz says, “Letting your hair fall where they will,” is the key to rocking this up-do.

  • Mystic mane

Spice up your morning yoga classes with this bohemian turban. Just pick a colorful scarf, wrap it around your hair, and throw it all together in a bun. Add some funky accessories like Liz for a ‘character from Harry Potter’ look.  “Love your locks, nourish your locks, moisturize your locks!” says Liz.

  • Punk princess

Add a twist to your romantic, flowy dresses with this French braid. Separate your hair and braid them from the roots. Throw on some shades and now you’re ready for a concert! For healthy hair Liz says you must have the right attitude. “I’ve shifted my perspective from this is something I have to do, I dread it, to this is something I love to do,” she says.

For other people who have hair like Liz she has a few tips. “Straightening your hair, putting heat on it is the worst possible thing you can do if you have curls.” So, stay away from heat products or use a strong heat protectant to keep your hair healthy. She also suggests having a consistent hair-care routine, “I use conditioners and gels and a bunch of oils,” to keep them healthy. Lastly, whatever your curl pattern is keep your locks moisturized, especially in the summer.