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Sentimentality and Simplicity

I’ve talked at great length about my experience with sentimentalism along with my minimal journey. I still feel like my relationship with “things” is heavily attached to my sentimental tendencies, as evidenced by my spring break shopping and my struggle with minimal budgeting. Savannah, GA made me incredibly sentimental — I kept telling my family that my very SOUL belonged in the historic city with its southern charms and hippy spirit. As a result, I went overboard gathering itemized memories, some of which I know I will actually treasure for a long time, and others that may have been too impulsive.

It’s not just spring break though. I always find an excuse for this type of thinking and spending; there’s always something happening that “makes it acceptable,” be it an event coming up, a particularly bad week, or just a nudge from a friend to go shopping.

It’s not an easy habit to kick, by any stretch of the imagination. We have been raised in a world that has always put a lot of value into material goods. Think about it: we are the kids who Toy Story affected the most — a movie that personifies childhood items and gives us a reason to hold onto things! Plus, there’s something romantic about keeping items that were important to us at one point in time. Holding an item from your past can bring you back to those moments and there is something special about that tactile feeling of the past.

Personally, I need to work harder to not give in to FOMO. I live with so much fear of missing even one moment that I don’t stop to think about the ones that I need to remember. This year alone, I will be living in 4 different places between two states, and the things that will last 4 moves and more in the future are the memories that I can’t touch, but that help me through the days that are long and lonely.

What do you think? Is there anything you think you could work on with your sentimentality?

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