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Runway Realway: Teuta Matoshi

By Hannah Pridemore

Staff Writer

While her sister has recently gained popularity as her strawberry dress went viral, Teuta Matoshi has been designing professionally since 2007, about nine years before her little sister started. Starting out with coats, (which quickly sold out,) Matoshi has since branched out to a more feminine and romantic aesthetic for her gowns and dresses. Utilizing embroidery and embellishment, Matoshi’s designs are easily recognizable and dreamily distinctive in their own way.

She started her interest in fashion at a young age and wore her own handmade clothes throughout her school days. She attended Factory Desing University, a top fashion design school in Kosovo, and received her fashion design degree. She worked long and hard to build her brand with the aid of her sister in Kosovo. Making an impact on her community is a vital part of her brand, and she employs many women in her home country. Social media played a big part in making her popular on an international level, and there’s no turning back now.

Every piece is vastly different from the last, even if the aesthetic is the same. Mixing non-complementary colors and an array of lace, tulle, and organza, the corset bodices and full skirts each have a personality of their own. The non-bridal gowns are just as whimsical as the bridal gowns, and it feels like each dress came fresh from a fairytale. Puffy sleeves, high necklines, embroidered prints, and flowers are a common feat.

While every piece might not work on a day-to-day basis, the shorter dresses are great for work, picnics, or romanticizing current indoor life. 

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