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Runway Realway: Stella McCartney

Stella McCartney’s Spring 2021 womenswear collection certainly came ready to take away the fashion world’s winter blues. McCartney has set out with her new collection to rebrand the way fashion is thought of with a new sustainable, zero-waste future ahead for the line. The McCartney A to Z Manifesto: Spring 2021 is a diverse collection with a wide array of colors, patterns, and ideas; the ideal collection for every individual alike.

From vibrant, colorful patterns to sleek, elegant business wear, this collection has something for everyone. Not only is there the element of streetwear that has been popular throughout 2020 and into 2021, but there is also a touch of the recent business casual blazer obsession sprinkled throughout as well. The constant of this collection is its elegance — less skin is the new sexy. Whether it be a vibrant, floral dress or a beige pantsuit, each piece from this collection is conservative, yet playful in many ways; a new trend for 2021, but catching on quickly in the industry. Prada’s debut of their Spring/Summer 2021 womenswear line has many blazers and pantsuits, and the Spring 2021 Ready-To-Wear men and womenswear collection from Jacquemus shows light and airy dress shirts, maxi dresses, and suits as well; these two alone show the reseting for the upcoming spring and summer. This season for Stella McCartney includes a great deal of long flowing maxi, lace-patterned mini dresses, and silk blazers with pleated skirts.

McCartney’s A to Z Manifesto focuses on moving away from fast fashion, something the industry consistently comes back to. Stella McCartney has always been passionate about the impact of her clothing on the environment. For example, her all-vegan purses are inspired by her increased emphasis on environmental impact, which is a sustainable effort that she has included in her collections for various years, but with this collection in particular, she has put forth what she believes in with each article of clothing instead of just a select few. Each item is associated with a letter of the alphabet from A to Z, describing a word that is aligned with her manifesto of what a fashion brand should be — S for Sustainability, T for Timeless, A for Accountable — which gives us a glimpse into what she believes are the most important things that the fashion world should be moving into.

College students with any style can easily recreate these looks, as this collection is diverse in many ways. Whether it’s someone that enjoys bright, flashy colors or softer tones, the main idea of the collection is that elegance comes in many shapes and forms. By partnering a pair of neutral knit pants with a flowing floral top, or a vibrant red sweater with a blazer and white ballet flats, it’s not difficult to find a look that matches every type of preferred style.

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