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Runway Realway: Engineered Garments

Designer Daiki Suzuki’s Engineered Garments has never been a brand to shy away from quirky layering or pattern mixing. Though the brand started in 2002, Suzuki is a true veteran in the garment business and his designs draw inspiration from classic American fashion. Engineered Garments’ items are utilitarian and outdoorsy in theme, while visually hinting at high-end. Suzuki is also a co-founder of the fashion company NEPENTHES, and he explained to Ssense that neither he nor co-founder Keizo Shimizu, Needles brand designer, are sensitive to trends. “I guess we play with size and proportion,” he said. “We make clothing that makes us look good when we try it on.”

The Fall 2021 menswear collection provides a pleasant alternative to the everyday “sweater weather” uniform. An autumnal color palette is primarily utilized for the 45 looks, and pockets and backpack straps are abundant. “Wrinkled” dresses and trousers further enforce the brand’s effortless style, and coordinating hats of various designs serve as finishing touches. From suits to jumpsuits to cozy fleece, Engineered Garments delivers a collection full of unexpectedly flawless combinations.

According to Hypebeast, Suzuki served as the creative director for Woolrich Woolen Mills between 2006 and 2010, and there are definitely a few Woolrich-esque moments by way of warm-hued plaids in this collection. One look consists of loose, straight-legged khaki trousers, a high-button-neck hoodie, a plaid flannel, and a vest. A deep red beanie that matches a pair of derby shoes ties it all together. Ten of the looks include womenswear, and one of the most inspired ensembles is a loose, plaid suit over a leopard-print button-up, complete with an evergreen beret, an army-green quilted jacket, and a plaid neck scarf. 

To replicate Engineered Garments’ Fall 2021 menswear collection on a budget, the keywords are loose and layers. Keep the color palette fall-inspired, straying away only for a dark blue, charcoal gray, or black. A straight-legged trouser paired with a plaid flannel button-up will work as the base. Then, layer a slightly-cropped hoodie, a vest, and an open anorak jacket. Don’t be afraid to mix textures and patterns. If the final result looks like a GQ-worthy outfit, that’s exactly right.

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