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Rocking Fall Florals: How to Wear Florals in Autumn

Historically, florals are only a print that women would wear during the spring and summer months. As recently as Fall/Winter 2017 though, many designers and celebrities have taken that trend and pushed the boundaries. Balenciaga, Giambattista Valli, Coach—you name it. They have all recently sent floral looks down the runaway with their fall collections. Suddenly, florals have become a go-to all year round and not just went the suns out. So, what’s next? How does the average Jane Doe wear something so new and high fashion? Here are the easiest tips and tricks to incorporate the latest fall fashion, florals, into your own wardrobe. 

  1. Floral as the Focal Point 

As the weather gets chillier during fall, outfits become more layered and more elaborate. The trick to a stunning autumn outfit is to draw in the eye of your observers. What better way to do that then a floral print? A simple, but impactful piece like a floral utility coat or long jacket is the perfect way to do so. It will keep you warm, but also looking like a million bucks.

  1. Floral as a Simple Detail

If a giant coat isn’t your cup of tea, try this tip! Using floral as a simple detail is unique and can be show stopping. A floral ascot, a floral pair of shoes, or even a floral scarf will turn heads. This is an easy way to make it look like you put a lot of effort into a look when really, you just slipped on your favorite floral shoes. 

  1. Think Outside the Box 

Use floral in unconventional ways! High fashion is all about taking risks and having fun with what you are wearing. Mix and match your floral with different patterns like fur or animal prints, both of which are great autumn trends. Another thing that is really in style right now is color blocking! Grab some fun pieces that combine color blocking and floral—you will be killing it!

  1. All-over Floral Print 

If you really want to have fun with a floral print during the fall, go for a head to toe floral look! Something like this will keep you warm while also looking put together and fun. This is also an easy way to make it look like you put a lot of effort into the outfit, when really it is just a bodysuit or two piece set. Choose simple toned accessories to balance out the look and you can’t go wrong!


Photos from Glamour Magazine


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