Revamping Your Winter Wardrobe

2016 is finally over, and while it brought us some great trends, I’m ready to see what 2017 has in store. Here we are in the dead of winter. December is behind us, but January and February are ahead and it looks like there’s no end in sight to this winter weather. (Fest season, wya?)

With warm weather and sunny days comes tons of motivation to leave the house in my favorite outfits, but in the winter all I want to do is curl up in blankets on my couch. Perhaps the reason for this lack of motivation is because style is really difficult to maintain in the winter! It’s too cold to wear your favorite leather jacket, and too snowy for your new open-toed booties.

You leave for class in 3 layers of clothing, and then you’re sweating your a** off by the time you make it up Jeff Hill. You want to wear that new tank for a night out, but also have to bring your 10-pound parka for the walk to Court Street, and then carry it around all night. Side note: Can Uber please exist in Athens???

Anyways … I am here to solve your most difficult of winter style problems.


The key to a great winter wardrobe is finding the best coats. For me, I ditched my parka all together and went for a cropped coat with a fur lining for my every-day look. It’s not too warm and not too light for walking to class, and it’s perfect to wear over a light sweater. Not to mention, you won’t be hot once you’re sitting in class.

The great thing about this particular cropped coat of mine is that it can be worn with a casual day look, but it can easily be dressed up for night. So, while I sometimes opt for that coat when heading out on the town, it’s always good to have other options.


One of my favorite outerwear items for night is a collared jacket that’s fur lined. It’s much shorter than the cropped coat, which is certainly a perk if your new jeans make your butt look amazing. It’s also super warm and cute enough to keep on throughout the night as an addition to your outfit. This way, your winter coat doesn’t have to be a burden on your night!


Oversized scarves have also found their way into my wardrobe this winter. They’re literally as big as a small blanket and are amazingly warm and stylish, so warm that I’ve even gotten away with wearing one with my leather jacket and managed to not freeze. I usually go for the whole “incognito” look when going to class. I pair my look with a baseball cap and sunglasses on top, along with some classic cut jeans and knee-high boots on the bottom. Now I’m ready to face the ever-changing Ohio winter!

As much as we may want to rock our favorite open-toed booties this season, there are some awesome winter-friendly alternatives such as the sock bootie. These boots keep your toes and ankles warm and dry. Wearing a pair of these on-trend booties will get you one step closer to channeling your inner Kendall Jenner or Gigi Hadid.


We all understand how rough winter can be on our wardrobes, but it doesn’t have to be! I’ve linked similar items that I mentioned above that won’t break the bank, so get to shopping!

Thanks for reading, now let’s all have a great start to the new semester!

Coat: H&M; $100

Scarf: Aldo Accessories; $30

Hat: Aldo Accessories; $18

Sweater: Hollister Co.; $30

Jeans: Asos; $40

Boots: Target Style; $40

Jacket: American Eagle; $70

Tank Top: Forever 21; $15;

Cropped Pants: Tobi; $60

Booties: DSW; $50