Red Flag

“Love is a one-way street headed away from me”

“Red Flag” – The Moth & The Flame


Love being defined as a one way street may sound horrific, especially to have an unrequited love, but it’s a beautiful thing. It’s an amazing thing to love something fully without expecting anything back, if you truly think about it. Although some of us, including myself, are often taken advantage of in these situations, you learn to give your all no matter the outcome.

Unfortunately, those people you love may use you when they need you, and you’re still there and there’s nothing wrong with that. Maybe that’s just my opinion, or maybe I convince myself that so I don’t go insane. I have learned to accept this as true because those around me never fail to tell me how much I love, and how intense I am about the things and the people I care about.

I surround myself with people that get taken advantage for their kind hearts and no matter how much I tell them to get their mean girl on, they can’t do it and neither can I.

(I’m such a hypocrite for that, sorry friends)

I believe that we all have people or a specific someone in our life that we would swim across the ocean for, and the sick thing is that the people we would swim for, would stand & watch from the lifeguard stand. Those types of people are vain and yet us kindhearted folks would still swim the ocean a thousand times to prove our dedication to this one-sided relationship.

But, I’m alright with being someone’s favorite place in their hometown, the thing that they like to visit to see how much it misses them.