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Quick Ab Routine

There’s always time to do a quick ab routine. The below exercises can be done in your bedroom or dorm room and are a great go-to if your need a break from homework or quick boost of energy. You don’t need the gym or equipment for numerous ab exercises. Although I show a couple of ab exercises with pieces of equipment, you can eliminate it and still perform the exercise doing the same motion. Doing ab exercises are essential to tighten and strengthen your core. In fact, this will benefit you during all your workouts because the core is a central power house for stability and posture.

*Perform three sets of each exercise with a 30 second break in between. A set is the total number of reps. For example, you do 3 sets of 10 reps. This means you’ll perform the exercise movement 30 times. 

Plank with Alternating Arm Tap – Start in a straight arm plank. Be sure to keep your feet shoulder-width apart and keep your hips from sinking. Take your left hand off the floor and bring your forearm over to the right shoulder. Hold your hand here for 1 to 2 seconds and repeat on the other side. Keep up this alternation for a total of 20 reps.

Ball Pull-In – Get in a straight arm plank position and balance your lower legs on the top of the exercise ball. Balance and contracting your abs is crucial here. Gradually pull your legs in from the knees while keeping them on the ball. Allow the ball to roll forward onto your ankles and contract your abs muscles. Slowly bring your legs back to the starting position. Complete around 10 reps.

  • You can do a similar exercise without a ball. Hold a straight arm plank and bring one leg towards your body by bending at the knee and be sure to alternate which leg you bring each time.

Scissors – Lie flat on your back with your arms at your sides. As you lift one leg up off the ground and towards your face, reach the opposite arm up and tap the outter side of your foot. This creates a cross body motion and engages your abs. Complete 10 reps for each leg raise.

Russian Twist with or without Medicine Ball – Sit on the floor with your knees bent at a 90 degree angle. Hold the ball in front of you while keeping your back straight. Twist your torso as far as you can to left and then to the right. Do a total of 12 reps.

  • If you don’t have a ball, complete the same twist motion and bring both of your hands to each side as you twist from side to side.
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