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Quarantining Calm: Your Mental Health During a Pandemic

Welcome back, everyone! I hope you all are staying safe and healthy during this hectic time. Just like everything else, our mental health is being affected by this pandemic. Being cooped up inside all day can drive anybody a little crazy – not to mention if you already have anxiety, depression, or other mental disorders, this timeframe can be extremely stressful – but here are some tips and tricks to making this a little easier. 

There is one aspect to cling to: everyone is in roughly the same boat. Everyone’s routines have been altered, everyone is feeling a lack of control, and everyone is confused and scared. So, when you’re feeling really off-kilter and unsteady during this whole ordeal, know that most people are too. 

That’s not to say that this isn’t worse for some people. People with anxiety can only be made tenser by this whole situation, those with depression are now surrounded by talk of death, those with OCD are losing control and seeing an increase in sanitary precautions, and all sorts of other mental conditions are being affected right now. If you’re a family member or a friend of someone who happens to be under an added layer of pressure because of their mental state, just be patient and understanding. Listen to them when they need to talk; it could help more than you know. 

If you happen to be a person with some extra mental stress or you’re just taking all of this a little harder than most, don’t fret! There are some things you can do that can help. One thing that has been known to be effective is trying different CBD products. Their medicinal properties have been known to help relieve the emotions that may be hindering your life. Sites like is just one of the many places where these types of products can be bought. Of course, you just need to find the one that is the best for you. The next idea seems a little too simple, but I promise it helps: make a schedule or a daily routine. Having a plan of some kind will help establish control back into your life. It’s a small step, but the pay off has the potential to be huge! 

Another easy way to keep up on your mental health during all of this is to keep moving, and luckily, the weather is improving. Going on walks happens to be one of the few things we’re allowed to do during stay at home orders. Walk around your neighborhood, drive to a park, or walk back and forth in your back yard if you have to, just make sure to move around. Outside is the best bet considering how much sunshine can affect your serotonin levels, but you can move around inside too. Look up some Zumba videos, try some yoga in your living room, or jump around your room to your favorite songs. Moving around will help you feel less stagnant and stir-crazy. 

Per usual, one of the best ways to deal with declining mental health is by talking about it. Go to that person you trust, be it a family member, friend, or a therapist if you can get ahold of them, and talk through what you’re feeling. All your stresses, fears, and pent-up energy can be alleviated a tad if you confide in other people. Open up and share because chances are your feelings are going to be reciprocated.

This is a scary time for everyone. Uncertainty is around every corner and emotions are running high. The best thing to do is to be sympathetic to those who are having a little harder time mentally. Make a schedule to establish order, keep moving, and talk to the people you trust about what you’re feeling. I’m wishing everyone safety, calmness, and good health during all of this. See you all next week! 

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