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Personality: Part 1 (November)

Personality is all about expressing yourself. This expression can be through how you talk or how you move, how you draw or how you write, as long as it’s a meaningful expression about who you are; it can be through any medium.

A personal medium that I happen to love is journaling. In high school I kept a bullet journal every day, but while getting into the swing of things in college, I had a bit of trouble finding the time to write daily.

I have, however, made resolution to post my monthly diaries on this blog to keep me in check. My first entry is the month of November, and as an experienced bullet journalist, I’m going to show you my favorite set up:

  1. Cover: This won’t be monthly, but I’d like to pull attention to the cover of the journal. It speaks volumes about who you are, and should be filled with encouraging words and happy thoughts if you choose to decorate it. Plain is beautiful too, as long as it speaks to you.
  2. Simplistic monthly cover page: In my cover page for November, I chose to choose a minimalist design of just writing the month with a small sketch of something that, to me, represents November: a turkey. No matter what route you choose, this one is definitely allotted the space for the most artistic freedom, so make it known!
  3. Calendar: My calendar is smaller than most, but I felt it appropriate for this warm and cozy, small, and comfortable month. Spanning two thirds of a page for blocks, and using the fourth section as a segway for the notable moments section, this page is evenly dispersed with a artistically sculpted title at the top; month and year.   
  4. Journaling Section: My journaling section comes right after the calendar. I allotted three lines for every day’s events to be more thoroughly explained. BUT, at the end of the section I issued a “continued” page where all information can be continued to be written if it is deemed as important enough to be. You must be careful when having this section however, it fills up fast.                                                                                      
  5. Example: Lastly is an example of my spread, the first weekend of November was Dad’s weekend, so I featured our Alden putt-putt scorecard, basketball game tickets, and movie tickets. However, I have not completed the writing portion, and will debut how it turned out in next month’s edition!                                                                                   

As a disclaimer, I love all types of journaling, but bulletin is definitely my favorite. You don’t have to follow this template, you don’t have to bullet journal, and you don’t even have to do any other type of journaling, but just promise me that you’ll start doing something therapeutic that makes you happy every day. Even if you don’t know what that this thing is or should be, I recommend journaling.  

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