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Pearl Obsession

I am sure you have seen the increased amount of clothing pieces that contain a pearl embellishment. Pearl detail is another example of embroidery, just a more dimensional one. This old style trend has been reinvented by different designers time after time. Now the trend has come back with a more contemporary vibe. This is a fresh new take on wearing pearls.

Big designers such as Gucci and Alessandro Michele have taken on this pearl induced trend in their own style. They began adding an abundance of pearls on jackets, shoes, sweaters, skirts, shirts, joggers – basically any piece of clothing you can think of. I have seen all of these styles and, in my opinion, you can either hit or miss it. Pearl embellishments can increase drama of the outfit or even make a casual outfit seem classy. However, if you add too much in too many places; you can end up looking childish and overall tacky. A few good places that have done right by this trend is Free People, Zara, H&M, and Mango. I have looked at all of these stores (physically and online), and I think they are the best options to shop this pearl trend.

I think this trend is pretty cool and can add a vintage look to a modern piece of clothing. But beware: too much may not be a good thing when it comes to pearls.

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