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Passion: A Light in Dark Times

Passion is essential to our core purpose as human beings. Without it, we lack a reason to wake up in the morning, and in trying times like these, I fear that passion is far too easily lost. We have to find new ways to express our passions and possibly find entirely new passions in order to stay mentally healthy, which leads to physical health as well. 

This is such a scary and uncertain time for everyone in the world. For someone like me, a chronically stressed person and planner, uncertain times are rather earth-shattering to mental health. So, like you, I am trying to figure out new ways to keep my mental and physical health in check. The biggest thing so far that I’ve noticed for myself is that I am uninterested in my passions because I am unmotivated to do much of anything. With nowhere to go and nothing to do, getting up for the day seems minuscule and unimportant. 

I’ve seen many people posting their “quarantine routines,” some serious and some satirical. However, I think this is a very intelligent way to go about this. Life continues to go on, just as COVID-19 does. We can’t allow this to completely turn our lives upside down. As silly as it may sound, coming up with a routine for your day during these isolated times may be a powerful way to gain a little control back for ourselves. 

We can quite literally schedule in time to practice our passions, which is a luxury we may not typically have in our day-to-day lives. This situation does not have to be the tragedy we feel it is at the moment. There is always the option in life to sit down and give up, but there is also always the option to stand tall and keep trying our best. Though it’s hard right now, I will never stop trying my best. During the week or so that we have been — generally — in isolation, I have felt myself begin to slip into a dark space of my mind, hidden for difficult times. My goal is to be aware of this and combat it early so that I come out of this stronger, more intelligent, and more prepared than I was going in. 

I feel strongly that life has a way of working out for people who believe it can and put the work in to ensure that it does. We can do this; it’s just going to take a little bit of work, consistency, and passion. 

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