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Off-The-Shoulder Tops

Today, I am welcoming a trend that is not particularly my style, but has made a huge wave in fashion trends throughout the last couple of months.

Yes, it is true; so get out your shoulders and prepare to talk about Off-The-Shoulder Tops!

Believe it or not, off the shoulder tops can be quite versatile. They can be styled to be dressed up or to look super casual – all depending on the accessories and the approach you take. This type of top shows off some skin without being too in your face about it. In the end, a off-shoulder top can work for anyone.

These sort of tops can potentially be difficult to style, but are super comfortable to wear one you know how! The key is to find a style that works for your body type.

  • If you are taller than most, then I would recommend a longer top to compliment your figure and length. Just remember: The taller you are, the longer you can go! However, for those who define themselves as shorter should stick to a cropped style as a longer top will make you appear to be shorter than you already are and carry too much fabric for your frame which can look odd at times.
  • For those of you who tend to be bigger in the chest department, a streamlined or flowy off-shoulder top would be the most flattering; unlike those who are smaller would look best with a form-fitting style.

Keeping THAT in mind, it is also important to wear the RIGHT bra while trying to work an off-shoulder top. The list of possibilities is endless (okay, not really BUT)! I have seen several girls wear strapless bras, nipple covers, bandeaus, stick on bras, bralettes, or even cut out strap bras! I chose to style my tops with a strapless bra and a bralette to showcase how different the outcome can be. Both styles looked flattering because of the style of the shirt and the body type of the woman. There are plenty of online sites such as who can help you find the perfect style and comfort from a bra! Especially for a beautiful top like this.

As a college student, I am always looking for new ways to look cute and casual. I found it easy to style not one, but two, looks that incorporate this casual vibe. Since it is technically fall (even if it does not feel like it – boo), I paired my tops with two different kinds of jeans both with brown booties. Both outfits carry a statement necklace; one bigger than the other but still a bit of a statement nonetheless. With the neckline of a off-shoulder top, you can get as creative as you wish when adding on accessories, whether that be a bold necklace, a scarf, or an exciting bralette.

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