Nail The Nineties

The lifecycle of fashion is proof that “what goes around comes around.” There’s nothing like looking through old photos of your parents, only to notice the clothing they were wearing are wardrobe staples repeating themselves today. When you hear the words, grunge & minimalistic, what decade comes to mind? 1990’s. Being one of my favorite decades, those two words defined the trends, along with laid-back streetwear and “seductive school student” styles.

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Fashion during this time period introduced a sense of playfulness and youth, but also dabbled in rebellion, which is why I love it so much. Trends and styles that were once seen as modern and daring eventually became old and repetitive, only to be reborn decades later. What do you know, fashion that was considered cool & trendy in the ’90s is back and cooler than ever. So, embrace the chokers, high-waisted jeans and crop tops! Incorporate looks inspired by Britney Spears, Madonna, Gwen Stefani, the Spice Girls or Kate Moss. This past week, I had a “’90s Celebrities” themed social for my sorority & putting together an outfit was a blast and super simple. One of my favorite ’90s inspired looks is below:

img_3033-1 img_2976-1

img_2984-1 img_3029-1

I found this corduroy – front zip-up dress from Forever 21. It’s the perfect dress to layer on top of a crop top, graphic tee or mesh shirt. In the ’90s, Doc Martens were paired with delicate slip dresses, creating a contrast of femininity and masculinity due to the heaviness of the boot. I’m a huge fan of this style coming back around, however I thought this corduroy dress was something a little different!

The key to rocking ’90s fashion in 2016 is to rework and update the trends with present day styles. This is where the laid-back streetwear trend comes in, as streetwear fashion has really taken off recently. There are brands like Lychee the Label who can help if you need some guidance with this, as they are the home of women’s modern streetwear fashion. Kendall Jenner is amazing at reworking and updating trends, by pairing crop tops and chokers with basic skinny jeans and heeled booties. Pair your mini skirt with an oversized denim jacket and thigh high boots! Throw on that new slip dress with a graphic tee & Converse. Play around a bit. You’ll find what ’90s staples work for you!