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My Pre-Workout

No matter the time of day, I’m consistent at preparing for my workouts. Preparing helps me get the most out of my workout and allows me to use my time wisely in and outside of the gym. Don’t get me wrong, sometimes I’m unmotivated to go to the gym and feel tired, but when I set aside the time for a workout I need to take that opportunity. Working out is when I get to focus on myself and be in control of how I want to spend my time. This is how I prepare to pump myself up for the gym and get ready to own my workout! My pre-workout routine doesn’t take too long and I always leave for the gym feeling ready to work.

First, I start to think about the next day or week ahead and when I have time to go to the gym. Sometimes it’s in between classes or at the end of the day when I’m finished with my school priorities. If you like to make to-do lists or write in a planner I suggest you write down when you’re going to work out. It feels great to check it off a list! For some reason it makes me feel more productive about my day. Also, thinking about the next day allows me to think about what I want to work on at the gym. The choices are endless, but planning out what I want to work on gives me the visual of what I’ll be doing in the gym and what areas of the gym I’ll be using. This way, I won’t walk through the gym doors and spend time wondering where to even start.

Once I’m getting ready to go to the gym, I think it’s necessary to eat something, especially if you have an empty stomach. Most often I’m coming back from class and straight to my room to change. My go-to snacks are a banana or handful of almonds. Both of these options I frequently have in my room and they’re both easy to grab. These give me a boost of energy and enough carbohydrates to get me through a work out. If you don’t put anything in your body, you won’t have any energy to burn off and could end up feeling sick during your work out. By no means am I saying to eat a full meal! Just a little something goes a long way.


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I do use pre-workout supplements to get me through a workout as well. I strongly believe they are a beneficial resource in helping me get the most out of my workout. They boost my mood, energy and endurance level, which gives me the drive I need to push myself during exercise. I’m currently using C4 by Cellucor in the orange dreamsicle flavor. I’ve used this brand and others several times, but I always go back to C4 because it works best for me. Not all pre-workouts are the same in terms of how they make you feel. I’ve tried some pre-workouts that others swear by, but it doesn’t have a useful effect while I work out. Everyone responds differently to different products. If you find pre-workout supplements intimidating, there are alternatives such as Spark.

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Music is crucial for a killer work out. I always plug my phone into the charger for a bit to make sure it has enough battery to play my music through an entire work out. Even when I’m in my room and getting dressed for the gym, I put on my favorite pump-up music from Spotify or YouTube. Listening to music beforehand gets me hype and also serves as a de-stressor from anything that has happened during the day! If you don’t already, turn on your favorite songs while getting dressed for the gym. There’s nothing better than a pump-up music session.

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While I’m listening to music and sipping on my pre-workout, I pick out my gym clothes. Right now, I don’t necessarily have any fancy workout gear, but I do like to match and feel good in what I’m wearing to the gym. For example, I make sure my shoes match the colors I decide to wear or make sure I wear pants that fit how I want them too and ones that I don’t have to pull up with every move I make. Everyone is different, but the workout clothes I decide to wear must make me feel confident and are efficient to work out in. I usually find super cute workout clothes at TJ Maxx or Marshalls. You still get brand names for a fraction of the original cost.

By now, I would be getting ready to walk out the door and start trekking to the gym. I have a water bottle and my headphones in, still vibing to the music. Find a pre-workout routine that works best for you and gets your energy level amped up for a productive work out! I believe once you give yourself a little more time to prepare, you’ll start feeling better about your trips to the gym and loving yourself a little more from it.

Get to work and keep moving forward!


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