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My Opinion on “P.S I Still Love You”

I was super late to the “To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before” hype, only watching it after my roommates made me sit down and view it. I’m not one for rom-coms, but I absolutely loved it. I loved the Asian representation, and it was a great feel-good movie that actually had depth. I knew there was going to be a sequel because I was aware that it was a book series, so of course, you know I had to watch it. For anyone who hasn’t seen it yet, this will contain spoilers! So, if you haven’t watched the movie, read no further!

I’ll start with what I liked. I really enjoyed the chemistry between Lara Jean and Peter; Noah Centino and Lana Condor have a magical way of acting that honestly made me believe that they were in love. The addition of Jordan Fisher as John Ambrose McClaren made it even better because Lana and Jordan have amazing chemistry as well. I don’t normally like love triangles, but this wasn’t a normal love triangle like how “Twilight” did it. Instead, I think they were able to keep it realistic and not over dramatic. The acting in the film was fantastic, and I also love the representation of Asians in film. I like the portrayal of a high school relationship, especially because Lara Jean is new to it, and her struggles of trying to figure out a relationship were entertaining. I thought it was a pretty funny movie as well! 

I think my biggest issue was the big fight between Lara Jean and Peter. To put it bluntly, Peter’s actions were absolute trash. When the group was in the treehouse opening up the time capsule, he didn’t even give an apology for Gen (his ex-girlfriend) being there. Later when Chris showed Lara Jean a photo of Gen and Peter, he barely apologized for his actions. I think every single viewer was shocked when they found out he was waiting at the hot tub for Gen and not Lara Jean. I know it’s part of the books, and they didn’t really want to change the plot lines, but I feel it warped Peter’s character a lot. For better or for worse, his actions protecting Gen and still showing he cared honestly made me lose interest in his character. I just can’t like him anymore. John Ambrose McClaren’s character really stood out; he was very kind, and he just deserved better. The fact that Lara Jean came back to Peter because he showed up after driving in the snow and didn’t even apologize for what he did earlier just seemed like a forced happy ending. I felt that it should’ve ended differently; John and Lara Jean had this amazing chemistry, and he clearly cared a lot about her. I just think they could have cleaned up the ending and at least made Peter redeemable because truthfully he wasn’t being a good boyfriend. He didn’t really have great excuses for what he did, and he seemed to care more about Gen.

Overall, I do believe it was a good movie, I don’t think a sequel was necessary at all, though. Like I said, I know it’s a book series, but in all honesty it kind of ruined the original for me. Don’t get me wrong, I loved “To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before,” and I still do. I just believe it ruined Peter’s character development and made Lara Jean and Peter’s relationship less believable.

“P.S. I Still Love You” is available on Netflix now; take a watch and put your own opinion on it! If you’ve seen it already, maybe you’ll agree with my review or maybe not. I hope you all enjoyed my review! 

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