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My Lifestyle Changes

If you’ve ever experienced being a young adult between the ages of 18 to 25, you’ll know so many changes occur. You’re expected to take on the real world and make serious life decisions before your brain is fully developed. The beauty of this is most people change: their minds change, their friends change, their lifestyle changes. This blog is important to me for two reasons. First, this is my formal announcement of my huge life change. Second, this blog is a reminder to high schoolers, college students, people in technical school, people with jobs and any young adult going through this weird time frame that it is totally normal to change. In fact, if you didn’t change I’d say that’s completely out of the ordinary.

After high school I was sure that college was for me. I had a difficult time trying to decide what major I’d spend my four years in and honestly, I went for something that felt safe to me. I chose journalism because I like writing and it seemed like something I could make a living doing. While in college, I explored aspects of makeup artistry for Thread, the magazine I write and blog for. I expanded on my makeup and hair knowledge, and I found this hobby to be entertaining, a creative outlet and even kind of fulfilling. When you have the opportunity to make someone feel beautiful, it’s a great feeling. I spent time praying, considering different options and I decided that this hobby was more than just a hobby, it was a passion.

I am so excited to say, I am officially going to pursue a career in cosmetology. I’ve had so many ideas about how I would go about my life after getting a license in this field, but I know Jesus will lead me exactly where I need to be. I will be attending the Aveda Fredric’s Institute for Cosmetology where I will be expanding my knowledge in hair styling, makeup art, skincare and nail care. I had always told myself this career choice would be my backup if journalism didn’t work out, but looking back I realize I was putting my passion on the backburner for something that I thought the world would deem more fitting.

Oh, boy was I wrong.

As much as I love the college experience and living with a roommate who is now one of my closest friends, this is a field I can see myself spending my life working in. It was an extremely difficult and tear-filled decision, but I am so excited that I can pursue a career I can genuinely love and appreciate.

I will still write here and there because I love sharing life experiences, telling others about my faith in Jesus and giving beauty or lifestyle advice. Lord willing, within the next few years, I can perform my passion daily and make a living doing it. And I know that if things change again, it’s normal and I will embrace the path I’m supposed to take.

Life isn’t bread and butter. It’s like a mountain range. You get to choose how you climb, whether or not you choose to make it difficult and tiring, or fun and optimistic. I choose the latter.

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