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My K-Beauty Routine

During the last semester of my senior year, I stumbled across an approach to skincare known simply as K-beauty. Just like the “K” in K-pop, it represents the influence Koreans have in the wildly expanding industry of skincare. This abbreviated word represents a celebrated subculture of products and methods of obtaining flawless skin. I got sucked into video after video explaining some fascinating Korean beauty methods.

Although I cannot live without my Korean beauty routine now, before I even started this routine I began switching many of the products I used to organic and natural alternatives. My skin has always been extremely sensitive, and changing the products I use to exclude fragrances, dyes, and chemicals has helped a lot. To discover many of the products I use and the current K-beauty skin brand I stand by, I used an app called EWG Healthy Living, which is used by the queen of everything natural, Kourtney Kardashian. This app allows you to scan any product you’re thinking of purchasing, and it gives it a “clean” or “dirty” rating. The closer the rating is to 0, the cleaner the product is. Whamisa is the K-beauty brand I use for my routine, and it carries the EWG stamp of approval! I understand the world of K-beauty is a deep dive and that the products I use may not work for you, so I recommend watching Glow Recipe’s YouTube videos to learn the basics and discover other K-beauty products.

Whamisa’s products have changed my life, and you can trust me when I say that because unlike your favorite influencers, I’m not being paid to say it. The packaging of these miracle workers is aesthetically pleasing, and I’m obsessed with the simplicity of them. Although these products are as clean as can be, they give off a smell of flowers which is never a downside for something you’ll be putting on yourself daily. Below you’ll find my K-beauty skincare routine.

My Routine

Step 1: Oil Cleanser

Cleansing oil is ideal for removing makeup, sunscreen, or anything else you may have gotten on your face before you start your routine. I personally love using this to remove sunscreen off of my face before using my gentle gel cleanser.

Step 2: Gentle Foam Cleanser

This cleanser has the most pleasing smell, and it’s ideal for those with sensitive skin like me. Cleansers remove any leftover dirt, debris, or bacteria left after using your oil cleanser. Make sure that you wash off all of the product and that you’re not using a towel to dry your face. To avoid accidentally getting leftover bacteria on your skin, follow the K-beauty way and let your skin air dry.

Step 3: pH Balancing Toner

While my skin is still a little damp, I move on to my favorite step: toner. This toner, just like the cleanser, has an incredible smell. It’s important not to skip this step because it brings your pH balance back to a healthy level. Healthy skin has a pH balance of 5.5, which is just enough acidity for your skin to resist harmful bacteria. I follow the K-beauty, 7-step method. For this method, you layer and pat toner into your skin seven times. This gets your skin ready to absorb your moisturizer.

Step 4: Moisturizer

Moisturizer is a key step in any skincare routine; it keeps your skin from getting dry. Although it’s easy to assume that dry skin would help your acne disappear, it generally does far more harm. When your skin is dry, not only does it look unhealthy but to compensate for the lack of oil your skin will produce an overabundance of it, which will only lead to more acne. You need very little to get the job done with this moisturizer.

Step 5: Facial Oil

Facial oil is a great way to get your skin the vitamins, nutrients, and healthy oil it needs. I like to use small amounts of this right before bed so that it absorbs into my skin as it heals for the night.

I love these products, and I hope that if you decide to try them, you’ll love them too. I attached the Whamisa U.K. store to all the listed links below the products, however, you can buy many of these products on Amazon and sometimes through’s website. K-beauty is exciting, and there are so many other techniques you can learn to obtain glowing, luminous, and flawless skin the K-beauty way. I personally stand 100% behind Korean beauty. To be transparent, the only product not pictured is my Dead Sea mud face mask. It’s not K-beauty, but it clears my skin of all of its impurities every Sunday. Let me know what you think of K-beauty!

-Blake 🙂

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