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My Halloween Costumes

I hope that everyone had a fun and safe Halloween! This was my first time participating in Ohio University’s HallOUWeen, and I can officially agree that Athens knows how to have fun! Since it was my first year, I wasn’t sure what kind of costumes I should wear. I also knew that since my boyfriend was coming to OU, I had to make it something that we could both do. 

For the first day, I thought, “What’s a better idea than taking on another TikTok trend?” So, I decided to be a VSCO Girl. Since I don’t own any oversized shirts (most of mine are cropped), my friend let me borrow hers. I wore leggings and Nike socks with my Vans to complete the outfit. Of course, I piled on the scrunchies on my wrists to really give off the VSCO girl vibe. I made my boyfriend go as an e-boy by drawing an eyeliner heart under his eye and using my chain belt as a necklace for him. With him donning all black, we were the epitome of TikTok culture! 

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The second night we took on a classic movie; we went as the Smiths! This Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt movie about assassins seemed like the ideal costume idea.

It was easy to do, and my boyfriend’s last name is already Smith. I know that in the film she wears a long dress, but I opted for a short one so that I could move around easier when we went out. I also decided against wearing black heels because I probably would have broken my ankle! I bought a black thigh band but didn’t buy a plastic gun for safety reasons. I don’t normally wear makeup, so I just decided to go for a red lip. It was bold, and it fit the look well. My boyfriend wore a white dress shirt with a loose tie to be the Mr. to my Mrs. Although it was absolutely freezing outside, the outfit was well worth the cold!

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I can’t wait for next Halloween to dress up again! Hope you all enjoyed seeing my costumes from this year!

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