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My Favorite Minimalist Instagram Accounts

Apologies for the shorter post today! Midterms and some personal conflicts have kept me away from my writing the last few days, but I promise next week I’ll have a longer, fun writeup featuring my spring break plans. In the meantime, I wanted to share some of my biggest inspirations from Instagram. As horrible as I am at actually POSTING on Insta, it’s probably my most used social media and there are a few accounts that really speak to me in their aesthetic and their content – check them out!

MINIMALIST BAKER (@minimalistbaker)

While it’s not my normal minimalist style, Minimalist Baker features plant based recipes with only few ingredients — two things that cut down on waste and are impactful on the environment!

Gather Home + Lifestyle (@gatherhomelifestyle)

This account for the Gather storefront is one of my favorite jungalow/minimalism crossover accounts. The jungalow tag features plant-friendly homes, but can sometimes get to be too crowded for me. This is the perfect blend of the two – plus, their product design is fantastic.

Miriam Stimpfl (@thewaveshavecome)

This incredible human has my dream instagram. She posts beautiful pictures of her home and other minimalist interiors, her travels, architecture and (!!!) her cat!

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