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My Favorite Clothing Stores

I love shopping; I mean, it is one of my favorite pastimes! Whether it’s online or at a mall, buying new clothes is the greatest feeling in the world. My bank account may not forgive me, but a brand new skirt makes up for it! I bet almost everyone loves to shop as well. I’m sure everyone has their favorite store, and I have several. There are so many different clothing stores that it’s impossible to pick a favorite!

There’s a good chance that you have seen this store in a mall near you, and it’s recognizable by the large brown entrance. I love this store because the clothing really shaped my fashion over the years. I wouldn’t say I have a specific aesthetic for the clothes that I wear, but a lot of my style is inspired by what’s trendy in California. PacSun was founded in California, so a lot of their clothing is based on what is popular there.

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A good portion of my closet is from PacSun. It’s trendy and simplistic at the same time; nothing is too over the top or crazy. The only downside is that they tend to be more expensive. However, the clothes they sell make up for the price.

This online clothing store is based out of Hong Kong and has some very distinctive clothing items. All of the clothes are Asian brands, so there is a variety of different styles on the website. They tend to stand out more because it’s not the same style that Americans typically wear. They have stylized blouses and oversized graphic t-shirts among a variety of other different clothing options. I personally love the individuality of the pieces that YesStyle sells, and I enjoy that they aren’t clothes normally worn over here. They aren’t limited to just clothes; accessories, makeup, shoes and bags are just some of the items that are being sold on the website. It can be relatively cheap depending on what you order, however, it can take up to a month to be delivered.

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Brandy Melville:
Brandy Melville has a similar aesthetic to PacSun, which is probably why I like their clothes. A lot of their items are basics, so their pieces can go well with anything, and they’re quite minimalistic. Brandy Melville is not very expensive because most of their clothes are around $20 at the most. They aren’t located in every state, but PacSun normally will sell their clothes. There’s a section dedicated to their brand, so it’s worth it to see what they have!

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Urban Outfitters:
This is a store that I shop at after I get paid. It is definitely more expensive, but the clothes are all very stylish. It has a Tumblr vibe that I’ve always been attracted to. It isn’t just the clothes that I love, but I also adore the decor that they sell. They have an array of fairy lights, lamps, rugs, and just about anything to create the coolest bedroom ever! Their clothes also vary from brand names to their own label. Urban Outfitters is incredibly fashion-forward, and they often sell clothes that are trendy right now. Whenever I walk into an Urban Outfitters, it makes me want to divulge into self care and dress to impress every single day.

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There can never be enough clothing stores in the world, and it’s hard to narrow it down to just four. I’m sure there’s a possibility that you know all of the stores mentioned, but if you don’t, you should definitely check out their clothes!

Who knows, maybe you’ll find a new favorite store as well!

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