My Favorite Brand: Colourpop Cosmetics

I have been in love with this brand since the beginning. It all started just a few short years ago in 2014. The brand was founded by Seed Beauty (yes, the same parent company for Kylie Cosmetics) in Los Angeles, California. The ideas all come from a brother and sister duo, who had a vision to bring affordable prices and luxury quality together in makeup products.

It started with their Super Shock Shadow. An almost creamy, extremely pigmented eyeshadow whose formula is unmatched. Available for only $5 exclusively at, the brand took off.

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Today, four years after launching, Colourpop continues to grow and thrive as an affordable brand that provides amazing products that fit the newest trends.

All of Colourpop’s products are made completely under one roof in Los Angeles and the products are only available on their website, which allows the brand to be SUPER affordable.

I first found the brand from listening to beauty influencers on YouTube rave about the products, and since I am always down for a good bargain, I gave it a shot. Even though the products are cheap, the quality is incredible. Colourpop products are truly my favorite. From eyeshadow, to lipstick, to concealer, they have yet to let me down!


Some of my favorite products are the Super Shock Shadows in La La, Birthday Girl and Sequin. I also adore their Ultra Glossy Lips and their Lux Lipsticks. And if you are looking for a new eyeshadow palette, I would HIGHLY recommend the Dream St. palette. It’s my everyday eyeshadow palette and I could not live with it.


After reading this, I hope I have convinced you to try out my all time favorite brand. They have a product for everyone and also never test on animals. What more can you ask for? Check out their website and social media pages for more products and swatches, and keep an eye out for sales.