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My Fall Makeup Look

Hey everyone!

Fall is finally upon us… and I must say that I have been waiting for this since arriving back at school. I’m all for summertime, trust me, but I have been dying to wear my favorite sweaters and boots, not to mention some of the trendiest makeup looks for the season.

In the summertime I typically don’t wear foundation, or much makeup at all for that matter. I cannot stand the feeling of foundation sweating off of my face. However, now that the warm temperatures are subsiding and the cooler weather is trickling in, I am starting to play around with my daily makeup look.

This has been my go-to look:

Subtle Smoky Eye

When I wake up in the morning for class, I am clearly not in the mood to work on my face for 45 minutes, but I still want to look cute and presentable. Lately I have been experimenting with shadow sticks, and by using one I am able to create a smoky eye in less than five minutes!

First, I take a lighter shade and swipe it on my lid starting from the lash line and working up. Then, I smudge with my fingers.. seriously so easy! Next, I take a darker color and line my upper lash line, then smudge the color in to create a sultry smoky eye.

The amount of product that you use is totally up to you, as is how intense you want the eye makeup to be. I typically go a little bit lighter for daytime, and the particular shadows that I use have very buildable color. This makes it easy to apply the color as light or as dark as I want.

I use the Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Cream Shadow Sticks in Dusty Mauve (shimmering lavender) and Bark (rich brown). A lot of other brands carry quality eyeshadow sticks too, like The Estee Edit, Laura Mercier, and of course, NARS.



Rosy Cheeks

I don’t know what it is about a quality blush, but I seriously cannot resist a classic rosy cheek. I think a rose color pairs perfectly with a smoky eye. My go-to blushes are by NARS, and my favorite shade is Dolce Vita, which is a dusty rose. This shade is the perfect warm shade of pink, and I think it’s perfect for adding some life to your face in the fall. I apply the color to the apples of my cheeks and subtly blend outward. The color should tailor off to create a natural and well-blended finish.

Nars Blush in Dolce Vita

Pink Lips

I seriously cannot get enough of purple and pink lip colors this fall. I have a lip product by Chanel that’s called the Rouge Double Intensité Ultra Wear Lip Color and I have had it for years. It still seems to wear nicely and looks awesome, regardless of how long I’ve had it. Because I bought it so long ago, they no longer sell this exact color, but the Light Rose shade is nearly a perfect match.

This product is great because you first apply a velvety smooth layer of color and then go overtop with the gloss. The best part about it is the scent, obviously. It smells like cookies and vanilla, and I can’t get enough if it. Yes, it is a little pricey, but if you love makeup as much as I do, sometimes splurging on a staple product that you know you’ll use often is totally worth it!



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