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My April Anthem

As March comes to a close, it’s time to talk about what my April Anthem will be.

With each new single Kehlani had dropped over recent years, I find myself obsessively binging over them until she releases a new song for me to obsessively binge over. This time it’s her new song, “Toxic,” which highlights the toxic and painful nature of her most recent relationship.

This is something almost all of us can relate to. Kehlani has a way of creating songs that feel so relatable and personal but she does so in a way that makes you feel confident and powerful while listening. “Toxic” is definitely the song to help remind you that you’re a bad bitch.

As if the song wasn’t a reminder enough, just nights ago, Kehlani released a drunken homemade video for “Toxic,” that proves you can be a strong, independent, and creative woman even from your own bedroom sipping on some red wine.

Kehlani’s first song that had me annoying all of my loved ones with the magnitude of my listening time was “Nights Like This,” which happened to be my most listened to song of 2019 (thanks, Spotify).

Kehlani is an artist that is heavily underrated in the R&B world, not only as a creator but as a human being. She definitely leads by example in the way she handles herself and the situations that are thrown at her. I don’t just adore her music, but I adore watching her grow.

I wonder what Kehlani song will be my most listened to song of 2020!

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